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Vision, Mission and Goals


The vision of the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching is to become a leading model for promoting higher education, reaching the level of the leading world-class centers.


The mission of the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching is to achieve excellence in learning and teaching at KSU through setting its policies and strategic plan in teaching and learning, and monitoring their implementation. The Center works to adapt and indigenize the best global practices to develop the level of educational practices and to improve students learning at the university.  

  1. Monitoring the University Strategic Plan for Learning and Teaching, and fostering the required executive procedures for all processes and developments of the plan.
  2. Adapting and indigenizing the best international practices in teaching and learning and managing them according to an institutional vision and professional standards.
  3. Creating quality initiatives and setting the necessary strategies to improve educational practices at KSU, and giving students better learning.
  4. Assessing both academic programs and the learning and teaching outcomes, and preparing studies and reports in order to analyze and explore the reality of the higher education and its future in light of the new changes and developments.
  5. Building partnerships and bridges of communication with the local, regional and international institutions pertaining to the development of teaching and learning at the university.



Last updated on : January 12, 2023 12:57am