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Distance Learning Initiative


The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching launched the online education initiative in the second semester of 1439/1440 AH. The initiative was considered one of the initiatives that enabled distance learning at King Saud University prior to the pandemic. The initiative is distinguished by its inclusivity to all colleges and its efforts to integrate the efforts of numerous units to support online education.

The initiative aims to keep pace with the recent changes in learning and teaching, which have shifted to distance learning, and to give students an active and responsible role in their education while preparing them to live and work in a digital world that aligns with the university's goals.

The initiative also employs recent technologies that support the educational system to achieve the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision. The Ministry of Education has launched several initiatives to fulfill its role in the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision. One of the key initiatives is the "transformation towards digital education to support students and teachers' progress." Another is "transforming education into a process centered around learners, to develop their capabilities in meeting life’s challenges" and "improving the educational environment to stimulate creativity and innovation" (National Transformation Program 2020).


On 9/1/1441 AH, His Excellency the Rector of the University approved the transformation of this initiative into the Distance Learning Unit (Administrative Resolution No. 2/20/13973).






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