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Educational Initiatives Database

Introduction to the Project

The university has recently achieved significant accomplishments that have focused on providing educational opportunities for the community and all individuals.  It is moving toward a new phase focusing on quality to ensure that all King Saud University students (males and females) are well-prepared to be able to deal positively with the present era of economic and global changes by acquiring the 21st century skills. It also focuses on achieving its vision, in which education is the basis for building a knowledge-based economy. However, there are great challenges that hinder the purpose of achieving this vision, such as the lack of access to the offered initiatives, programs and projects. Such unfocused efforts will not be fruitful unless those initiatives are put together as team-work reflecting the institutional view.  As a result, the forth criterion of the quality and academic accreditation, which assures that the educational institution should have an effective system to guarantee that all the educational programs meet levels of learning and teaching through monitoring the performance of the institution, will be achieved so that faculty can get involved in appropriate activities to improve their teaching abilities.  Accordingly, a team formed by the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching in conjunction with Statistics and information administration attempted to achieve this purpose by forming work teams for statistics and technical designing of regulations.

The Project Goals
  • Preparing an integral database containing all the university educational initiatives to be a real organizer for an institutional work of learning and education.
  • Providing an adequate referentiality which ensures describing initiatives, programs and projects which include targeted knowledge and skills in order to achieve an ultimate benefit for the first beneficiary. 
  • Providing the necessary documentation for the purpose of official recognition and appreciation for the initiatives, the programs and the developmental distinct projects and encouraging creativity and innovation, too.
  • Establishing a contact channel that allows beneficiaries to access the efficient academic practices, and to inform them about the available opportunities in the various existing initiatives, programs and projects to ensure achieving its pedagogical objectives and splendid purposes.  


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 12:57am