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Promising Faculty program


The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at KSU Vice Rectorate for Educational and Academic Affairs has established the Promising Faculty  program. This program first cycle started in the academic year 1435-1436 H. It aims to support faculty and motivate them towards excellence and innovation in college education.  It also aims to indigenize a group of those faculty to be role models for higher education in order to achieve ongoing better education outcomes that have a direct impact on students’ achievement and that make them academically distinguished.

The program is dedicated to KSU well-qualified national faculty who are at the rank of Assistant Professor, and whose experiences don’t’ exceed three years of higher education since they have obtained their PhDs. The grants will be allocated to each participant for carrying out activities and tasks. This grant will be awarded according to both achievement reports provided by the participant and evaluation reports on the quality of tasks implementation and optimality of performance.

About the Promising Faculty Program




Last updated on : January 12, 2023 12:57am