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Excellence in Teaching Award

The idea of ​​Excellence in Teaching Award grew out of King Saud University tendency towards ensuring quality in higher education and its attempts for obtaining accreditation for its academic programs, and selecting outstanding teaching staff and improving their performance. The Excellence in Teaching Award is an annual award given at the level of the university and the Colleges of Humanity, Science and Health once particular elements of quality and excellence are available. This award is subject to precise criteria while evaluating candidates at these levels.  The university represented by the award committee is concerned about involving various potentials and abilities to go in parallel with the expectations and goals set for it. To do so, a number of faculty members chosen carefully participate in the award committee in order to represent all the educational classes of the university. The award is sponsored by the Rector and it is guided by the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at the University Vice Rectorate for Educational and Academic Affairs. 

The Deanship of Quality took over the supervision of the award, the preparation of its rules and its management in the early years. Then, the University Vice Rectorate for Development and Quality believed that the Centre should take over the supervision of the award. So the Center submitted a plan for developing the University Excellence in Teaching Award. An approval decision regarding the new plan was issued by the Rector. Supervision of the award was also transferred to the Center, and a permanent committee led by the Vice Rector for Educational and Academic Affairs was formed to supervise the award. In addition, a special secretariat for the award was formed to monitor the implementation mechanisms and nomination for the award. The new regulation will be used in the academic year 1435-1436 AH. 


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 12:57am