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Excellence in Learning and Teaching Grant


About the Excellence in Learning and Teaching Grant 

The "Excellence in Learning and Teaching Grant project" is the first project of its kind in the Saudi universities. Among the university attempts to improve learning and teaching at the level of departments, courses, and classrooms, the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching offers this project through support from the University Administration represented by the Vice Rectorate for Educational and Academic Affairs.

The Project Goals
  1. Developing effective mechanisms to identify, improve, disseminate and establish good practices in learning and teaching across different disciplines and faculty at the institutional level.
  2. Establishing, sustaining and improving the learning outcomes and students’ participations.
  3. Investing faculty via providing them opportunities for improvement and leading changes in teaching and learning, which is a strategic option since the university has a large number of faculty who have shown professional and academic distinction locally, throughout the region and globally.
  4. Associating the initiatives’ grants with exploring, developing and building faculty leaders in learning and teaching through their submitted initiatives.
  5. Using the initiatives’ grants as a tool for a sustainable change rather than being a project having a particular semester and specific objectives.
  6. Focusing on students and representing them in the grants.
  7. Making a strategic, sustainable and institutional difference at the level of Departments.
  8. Organizing the process of the application to the Excellence in Teaching Award of the University.
  9. Encouraging creative ideas and initiatives provided by faculty, improving teaching and stimulating innovations in teaching.
  10. Improving teaching approaches, exchanging experiences and academic practices and providing a means for offering consultancies by experts that contributes to providing opportunities for creativity and innovation.
  11. Providing a financial support which contributes to supporting innovative and good practices of the grant.
  12. Creating a stimulating environment for improving faculty, in which it contributes to consolidating the graduates’ abilities.
  13. Creating ways and mechanisms sought by decision-makers and educational leaders at the University that focus on tackling learning and teaching problems. Supporting and improving good practices as well as encouraging creativity and leadership while forming and reviewing " the Strategic Plan for Learning and Teaching at the university".


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 12:57am