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The Promising Faculty Ambassadors Program


Program Goal:

Raising awareness on state-of-the-art educational practices to achieve excellence in learning and teaching at King Saud University.


Program Impacts:

  • Prepare faculty members who have completed the Promising Faculty Program to share and communicate the developments in higher education with the KSU community.
  • Encourage program participants to continue achieving the best educational practices and to share their impact with other university faculty members.


Target group:

Faculty members who have completed the Promising Faculty Program.


Beneficiary group:

All faculty members and students.


Program Description:

A two-year program that includes two stages:


First Stage:

  • Applying research-based teaching tools and strategies during the first semester.
  • Submitting a report at the end of the semester to the program’s committee. The committee’s approval of the report is a condition for program members. Passing the first stage is a condition for continuing the program.
  • The first stage lasts for one semester.


Second Stage:

  • Continuing professional development: participants would continue participating in professional development, which includes attending professional courses, programs, webinars, and submitting programs’ reports.
  • Attending and participating in periodic meetings to exchange experiences, and best teaching practices, and develop strategies with others.
  • Presenting in panel discussions on excellent learning and teaching practices, at the college and university levels.
  • Contributing to the Promising Teaching Practices in Higher Education series
  • Providing educational consultations at the department and college levels.
  • The second stage lasts for three semesters.



Program Advantages:

  • The Promising Faculty Ambassadors Program assists participants in applying the goals of the Promising Faculty Program, from achieving best educational practices to sharing knowledge with other faculty members at the university.
  • The program provides development courses in the field of teaching and learning.
  • After the program’s committee approves their achievement reports, successful participants will become official members of the   Promising Faculty Ambassadors at KSU.
  • The membership is valid for 18 months from the date of acquisition. Membership can be renewed by resubmitting the requirements and committees’ approval.
  • The program offers two membership categories. The first is that of a Practitioner, obtained by passing the program initially. The second category is Expert, received after renewing the membership for a second (or more) round.
  • Based on their membership category, the Promising Faculty Ambassadors Program members receive technical and financial support; the support is in accordance with the program’s terms and conditions and the university’s financial guidelines.


Promising Ambassadors include:

Dr. Fahad al-Hammdani (College of Applied Computer Science)

Dr. Kholoud Al-Meshaal (College of Education)

Dr. Nouf Al-Huzami (College of Arts)





Last updated on : January 12, 2023 12:57am