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الباحث : د. أمل عبدالله ال إبراهيم 

عنوان الدراسة: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students’ Perceptions of the Flipped Classroom Strategy in an Undergraduate Education Course

المجلة العلمية: (European Journal of Educational Research, Volume 8, Issue 1, 325 - 336. , (2019


مستخلص الدراسة:

Abstract: This study aims to evaluate the academic outcomes of the flipped classroom approach in the teaching of students who are deaf or hard of hearing (DHH). Furthermore, it aims to activate the role of the teacher through encouraging both teachers and students to engage in active learning styles, while acknowledging individual differences. Participants consisted of 12 female undergraduates with hearing disabilities in a 251 CI course (applications of ICT in teaching and learning) at the College of Education, King Saud University. The study was applied throughout a semester on the contents of the course. The content material and pre-class assigned work (e.g. instructional videos and tasks) were delivered through Blackboard (learning management system), while active learning activities were carried out in class. Using mixed methods, students’ perceptions of their new learning environment were explored through a post-term questionnaire distributed at the end of the semester, in addition to writing a reflective report. Furthermore, participants were requested to write a reflective journal at the end of each lecture. Results indicated the effectiveness of the flipped classroom strategy for students. Moreover, the data indicate a positive impact on students' content learning and improved skills (e.g. collaboration and interaction). The content material which was developed for the specific course (251 CI) could be utilized for the remaining students enrolled in this course. The researcher recommends using the flipped classroom teaching strategy for courses in higher education, as the methodology can be extended and implemented through following a similar framework applied in this study.

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الباحث: د. سامية بكري عبد العاطي - أ. سلوى علي حمصاني

عنوان الدراسة: فاعلية استخدام استراتيجيات ما وراء الذاكرة في تحسين التذكر والتحصيل الأكاديمي وخفض قلق الاختبار

في مقرر نظريات الشخصية لدى طالبات كلية التربية بجامعة الملك سعود

المجلة العلمية: مجلة دراسات عربية في التربية وعلم النفس، العدد 97،  لشهر مايو 2018 م


مستخلص الدراسة: 

تبحث الدارسة الحالية فاعلية استخدام استراتيجيات ما وراء الذاكرة في تحسين التذكر والتحصيل الأكاديمي وخفض قلق الاختبار في مقرر نظريات الشخصية. وقد استخدمت عينة تجريبية تتألف من ( 36 )طالبة من طالبات قسم علم النفس بكلية التربية جامعة الملك سعود بالرياض، ممن درسن المقرر خلال الفصل الدراسي الثاني لعام 2016 / 2017 ، تألفت من مجموعتين متجانستين تمثلان شعبتان من الشعب المختلفة التي تدرس المقرر: 1 ( مجموعة تجريبية: تتألف من (14 )طالبة ممن تتراوح أعمارهن بين ( 20 - 24 )عاماً، بمتوسط قدره ( 21.21 ) وانح ا رف معياري 1.42 ،( 2)مجموعة ضابطة: تتألف من ( 22 )طالبة تتراوح أعمارهن بين ( 20 - 32 )عاماً، بمتوسط (22.14 )وانح ا رف معياري ( 2.53 )، وقد تم تدريس المقرر للمجموعة التجريبية وفقاً لخطة تدريسية جديدة مقترحة تتضمن دمجاً للتدريب على أنشطة ومهام استراتيجيات ما وراء الذاكرة،

وقد تم إجراء قياسات قبلية وقياسات بعدية لمتغيرات البحث من خلال بعض المقاييس المُعدة لهذا الغرض. وقد أوضحت النتائج فاعلية الخطة المقترحة في تحسين التذكر والتحصيل دون قلق الاختبار. وتقودنا الدارسة إلى عدد من التطبيقات العملية المتنوعة في مجالي علم النفس والتربية.


رابط الدراسة

الباحث: د. أحمد عزمي

عنوان الدراسة:  A Project-Based Framework for Teaching and Assessment of Design Modules

المجلة العلمية: International Journal of Engineering Education (IJEE), Volume 33, 2017


مستخلص الدراسة:

 In this paper, we propose a project-based framework to help teaching and assessment of Architectural design modules in an informative and fair way. The framework is based upon criteria-based assessment and uses rubrics to guide the assessment process. Using this framework, the students can fully understand the evaluation criteria by practicing peer-to-peer evaluation, and instructors can have useful feedback about weaknesses of their students and/or their teaching methodologies. By mapping students’ results into required students’ skills, monitoring of students over several levels of study becomes possible; this supports efficient progressive learning. The proposed approach has been evaluated by using it to assess A group of thirty students in design-1 module; then their results were compared to another group of thirty assessed heuristically without it. The initial evaluation of the approach shows its effectiveness


الباحث: د. هند سليمان الخليفة

عنوان الدراسة:  Tadawl: An Educational Platform for Gamifying Startup Investment

المجلة العلمية:2021 In Proceedings of the 22st Annual Conference on Information Technology Education (pp. 147-150)


مستخلص الدراسة:

Gamification, or the use of game mechanics in non-game applications, allows students to learn by doing. In this paper we present our experience in implementing a gamification platform in our entrepreneurship course to encourage students on investing in their peers' projects and provide them with feedback. The platform involved the interaction of 106 undergraduate female students during a semester long entrepreneurship course. We also report the results obtained after using the platform in terms of students' feedback and final remarks.


رابط الدراسة


الباحث: Omar Altwijri, Elham Alsadoon, Ahmad Abdul-Wahhab Shahba, Walid Soufan, Saud Alkathiri

عنوان الدراسة: The Effect of Using “Student Response Systems (SRS)” on Faculty Performance and Student Interaction in the Classroom

المجلة العلمية:  Sustainability 2022

مستخلص الدراسة:

Enhancing faculty performance and student interaction during the lecture is essential to achieve sustainable learning development. The current study aims to evaluate the effect of using “Student response systems (SRS)” on faculty performance and student interaction in the classroom. The faculty members at King Saud University were encouraged to join a university-scale educational project that involve utilizing SRSs within their classes. From Fall 2016 to Fall 2019, a total of 371 faculty members and 19,746 students were enrolled in the current study. By the end of each semester, faculty and student satisfaction surveys were distributed to evaluate their perceptions of using SRS in the class. The faculty members’ and students’ response rates were 75.7% and 38.1%, respectively, and represented 18 different colleges from different disciplines within the university. Furthermore, the study covered a wide range of study levels for bachelor’s degrees ranging from levels 1–10. The study demographics showed that 60% of the total participating faculty members and 64% of students were females. Interestingly, the majority of participating faculty members (40%) and students (44%) belong to health colleges. Among the most beneficial effects of using SRSs, is that it increased the interaction, focus, and participation of students in the lecture and stimulated their desire to attend and prepare for the lecture. It also helped the faculty members to improve their teaching strategies and enabled them to know the weaknesses or strengths of students, which in turn led to the improvement of the entire educational process. 

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